Can DoorBox itself be stolen by Porch Pirates?

As the world moves towards online shopping and delivery, the issue of package theft has become a growing concern for many people. Whether it's a small package left at your doorstep or a large delivery that requires a signature, there are always risks associated with receiving packages. Fortunately, Doorbox has come up with an innovative solution to prevent package theft and make deliveries easier for everyone.

Doorbox is a weatherproof parcel box with a secure combination lock that has been designed to prevent package theft. The box is large enough to hold even the largest packages, and its wide top opening allows for easy delivery without any narrow entry-way limitations. Unlike other products, almost 100% of the Doorbox volume can be used for storing packages.

The best part about Doorbox is its simplicity. Assembly takes just about two minutes, and no tools or skills are needed. Once assembled, Doorbox is ready to use almost immediately. To prevent package theft, delivery personnel can lock Doorbox in about two seconds just by pushing the auto lock lever. In addition to preventing package theft, Doorbox is also carrier-friendly. The combination code can be saved in your Amazon, UPS, FedEx and USPS account profiles once and e-tailor and carrier will send code to delivery personnel every time while delivering. Doorbox with wheels enables quick and effortless movement in and out of the house.

Can DoorBox itself be stolen away by Porch Pirates?

To deter thieves, Doorbox also comes with multiple loud alarm stickers and an alarm box inside it. If anyone attempts to tamper with Doorbox, it will trigger a loud alarm. The proprietary steel cable with integrated electrical wires that can withstand over 800-Lbs of force and that is securely connected to the parcel box with a tamper-proof, secure nut that cannot be unscrewed without special tools. Cable and Doorbox comprises wires inside that monitor continuity, and tampering any part of Doorbox will trigger a 125-decibel alarm (can be switched off by owner, if necessary). Doorbox can be securely connected and disconnected to all types of doorknobs, guardrails, posts and to our wall mount in about 4 seconds. The included cartridge can be quickly adjusted to 10 different positions to securely connect to almost anything.

So, the risk of stealing away the entire DoorBox is almost nil and it serves the purpose of protecting the packages while being self-secured. This is a unique feature of our DoorBox.

Doorbox has been granted 12 USA and international utility patents, and many more are pending. The box has been rigorously tested and has delivered thousands of packages successfully across the USA, as can be seen on YouTube by typing Doorbox.

In conclusion, Doorbox is an excellent solution for preventing package theft and making deliveries easier. Its weatherproof parcel box with a secure combination lock, carrier-friendly design, and anti-theft alarm makes it the best product in the market. Its fast assembly, no need to bend down for any codes and ease of use make it stand out from other parcel boxes. There is hardly any chance for the entire DoorBox to be stolen away as it can be connected securely to any stationary object without any hassles and any tampering with it will raise a loud alarm alerting the neighbors or the passerby about the imminent danger. If you're tired of worrying about package theft, Doorbox is the perfect solution for you.

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