DoorBox is very secure, and is designed to be tamper-proof as security is one of the main feature and functionality of DoorBox as a product.
Yes, DoorBox can protect your parcels from rain, snow, sun and dust.
Using the doorknob locking assembly that comes with the DoorBox, one can attach our product to a typical doorknob or doorhandle in less than 5 to 7 seconds. Once attached, no one can remove any part of the DoorBox, be it locking assembly, cable or the parcel receptacle.
Yes, DoorBox allows you to receive, return or exchange multiple packages.  After the first delivery, the delivery personnel is expected to lock it and leave.  In, you can input your box code along with the address, "one time" and save.  So, whenever the delivery carrier finds the box locked, he/she will have the code to open and place any subsequent packages, any number of times.  And you can change the code at any time by visiting   In addition, you can leave any kind of instruction on the box if necessary. 
No. DoorBox is a product with a primary purpose of safety and security of its contents. While anything is possible, it is going to be very difficult to get access to the parcels without triggering an audible alarm, or without getting the attention of neighbors as it would take a significant effort to get access to the parcels inside the parcel receptacle.
No. The basic unit does not have batteries. The premium product, which has audible alarm, does not drain the battery unless the audible alarm is activated. Since it is very difficult to cut the cable or have access, the battery energy do not in general drain, and so it is expected to have multiple years of life.
No. The initial unit is expected to be fairly basic with zero maintenance.
The audible alarm will get triggered the moment DoorBox senses that a thief is attempting to tamper with DoorBox.
Unless the audible alarm is triggered by a tampering event, the alarm does not go off. And if it goes off due to some very hard pull of the cable, it lasts for 10 minutes or until that force is released. If the cable is cut, the alarm sounds continuously from Parcel receptacle alerting neighbors.
By using the message pouch and by placing proper instructions in it, you can give specific guidance to the delivery personnel to follow.
Yes, DoorBox is completely portable.
Yes, there is a one year replacement warranty for defective product.
No. Audible alarm will sound to deter thief from tampering. Additionally, future units are expected to have a GPS module inside Parcel receptacle which will get activated the moment the parcel receptacle is disconnected from the doorknob locking assembly or the cable.
You will be given a set of spare keys. If that is also lost, please call the customer service or email us at for additional assistance.
If someone pulls the cable, the audible alarm automatically goes off after 90 seconds. However, if the cable is cut or if the parcel receptacle is removed from the Doorknob locking assembly, the alarm will continuously sound to alert neighbors around wherever the parcel receptacle is carried to.
DoorBox is expected to be less than 20 pounds.