Step - 1: Separate The 4 Panels (Large and Medium-Size) and DoorBox

package lock box

Step - 2: Expand the DoorBox

delivery box

Step - 3: Insert the Back Panel First

package delivery box

Step - 4: Secondly Insert the Front Panel

package drop box

Step - 5: Third, Insert the Left and Right Panels

parcel drop box

Step - 6: Make Sure the Panels Are Inserted and Pushed Inside to Their Proper Level, As Shown on The Above Image

large mailbox for packages

Step - 7: Lock the Push-Clip as Shown Above

large package drop box

Step - 8: Pull the Strap on All 4 Sides as Shown on The Image to Tighten

secure package delivery box

The Push-Clip (Do Not Pull with Too Much Force as The Clip Might Become Unlocked)

Step - 9: Great, You Have Completed the DoorBox Assembly Now

porch box

Step - 10: Make Sure the Secure Combination Lock and The Latch Plate Are on The Same Level as Shown on The Above Image. This Is Very Important.

parcel delivery box

Step - 11: Kindly Remove the Alarm Enclosure Cover with The Help of a Star Screwdriver – Applicable Only to Ultra-Premium Models

delivery lock box

Step - 12: Wires Two Ends from The DoorBox Two Ends from The Cable Two Ends from The Alarm

package delivery box for home

Step - 13: Kindly Connect the Wire with The Connectors as Shown on The Above Image

home package drop box

Step - 14: Switch on The Alarm and Close the Enclosure.

delivery box for porch

The DoorBox Ultra-Premium Feature Is Ready to Use Now! Good Luck.