DoorBox Ultra Premium - How to set up an Amazon account in a minute?

In today's world of online shopping, the convenience of doorstep delivery has revolutionized the way we shop. However, the rise in package thefts or porch piracy has become a major concern for many online shoppers. This is where DoorBox Ultra Premium comes into the picture. Read the blog about it and also learn how to set up an Amazon account in a minute? DoorBox Ultra Premium is the world's number one package delivery box with anti-theft alarm protection, providing a secure and reliable solution to prevent stolen packages or missed deliveries.

The DoorBox Ultra Premium package includes a DoorBox with steel cable, locking assembly, loud alarm, and an alarm enclosure. The DoorBox uses 100% of its volume for packages, ensuring fast and easy set up and retrieval of packages with no code needed for the first delivery. The DoorBox is weatherproof and water-repellent with a space-saving foldable design, making it durable, lightweight, and easily portable. Its dimensions are 24'' x 18'' x 15''.

The DoorBox features a highly secure 3-digit combination lock, making it easy and convenient to use. Its lock assembly is made of brass and can be secured to any door knob with an adjustable cartridge that is secured and not removable. The DoorBox also has a proprietary alarm-enabled steel cable that can withstand over 800 lbs. of force. Additionally, the DoorBox comes with a secure metal enclosure that prevents tampering of the audible alarm.

One common misconception is that security cameras can prevent package thefts. However, videos are only proof of the theft and cannot prevent it from happening. The DoorBox can secure package delivery and prevent porch piracy, providing a more effective solution.

Setting up an Amazon account for DoorBox Ultra Premium is easy and can be done in about a minute. You simply need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to your Amazon account.
Step 2: Click on your address.
Step 3: Click on "Add delivery instructions."
Step 4: Enter your DoorBox code in the delivery instructions and click on "Save instructions."

DoorBox Ultra Premium is US and internationally patented, with 12+ fully granted utility patents. The company has received testimonials from satisfied customers and good reviews about the DoorBox. Any specific issues are addressed immediately by the company, and you can read the founder's story on our website for clarity about our business. DoorBox is based in the USA and can bring peace to millions of people who are worried about their package deliveries.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a reliable and secure package delivery solution, DoorBox Ultra Premium is the way to go. Its innovative features, easy setup process, and effective anti-theft alarm protection make it the world's number one package delivery box. With DoorBox, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your packages are safe and secure.

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