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"My mom once mailed me a nice Swiss Watch that my dad wore for 25+ years before he died. It had enormous sentimental value. When that parcel was stolen from our front porch, it caused an irreparable and irreversible loss. When I saw DoorBox, I immediately got it. I wish I had this 2 years ago."

Mathew, Irvine, California

"I am an Amazon Prime member, and I order regularly on Amazon. DoorBox is convenient and I don't worry about package theft anymore. I have received about 12 packages into it now in a short time. Love it. I just connect and disconnect to our doorknob in under 10 seconds."

Kevin, Campbell, California


"DoorBox is so easy to move in and out of the house. It makes me shop peacefully without having to worry about my delivery being stolen every single time!"

Lisa, Los Angeles



"I am now able to shop peacefully on amazon without worrying about theft or those annoying missed delivery notes. Buying Doorbox was a fantastic decision that i made, and I am so glad."

Mike, Austin, Texas

"I have received over 14 packages in DoorBox in less than 5 weeks. I just love it. Previously, every time I received an SMS alert that said my package was "Delivered", my stress began and it would stop only when I return home and see my package. I use to lose productivity and peace of mind in the office. I am so glad that I bought it. It was tough to choose initially, but now I feel it has been well worth every penny."

Samantha, Chicago

"I live in an apartment, and there is a lot of people who pass by my front door. I bought a Medium Doorbox, and just place it on the day of delivery. My apartment manager likes it because they don’t have to send a note to me when they keep the packages for us. They just told us to use only on the day of delivery and remove it when we return home. Doorbox solved my theft problem nicely, and I have already received several packages in it. No more stress."

Carolyn, San Francisco, CA