Founder's Experience of Porch Privacy of an Irreplaceable Package With Enormous Emotional Value

Kumar Sundaresan

Founder and CEO of DoorBox Corporation

Founding DoorBox Corporation was a result of an experience of personal tragedy. It is my personal mission to end the emotional pain associated with losing one’s package of high emotional value. As a successful software professional for close to 3 decades, my life was good. And then, I lost the greatest mentor of my life, my father. We shared a strong and special bond. His passing was difficult to digest. As time passed by, I began missing him terribly and realized the intensity of that bond even more.

The closest memory of my father is with him wearing his glasses and a Swiss wristwatch that adorned his wrist for close to 40+ years. He was very proud of his watch. One day after his passing, I called my mom in India and asked whether she would mind sending me my father's last pair of glasses and the watch. She sensed my emotions and gladly obliged.

She packed the items carefully and Fedexed. I tracked its movement closely online. One day, while at work, I got a delivery notification. I was excited. I left work early to retrieve the package from my porch. To my utter dismay, I did not find any package on my porch. My heart began to pound. I wondered if it had been left behind the decorative plants to protect it from the Porch Pirates! I frantically searched everywhere and found nothing. In utter desperation, I began checking the video footage from my security camera. Then, I was totally shattered. I noticed a porch pirate casually stealing my package and leaving my house. He probably tossed the items in some bushes on his way home as it was probably worthless to him or anyone else. However, for me this loss meant a world, and it was irreparable; it was as if I lost my father once again, by losing his prized possessions, and its memories. That is when I realized that security cameras are just inadequate as I had 5 of them around my house.

It was then that I began to research lost packages. To my surprise, I learned that I was not alone. There were many emotional stories just like mine. There were cancer patients missing essential life-saving medicines and missing their doses. Almost instantly I pledged that no one in this world should ever go through such pains. My decision was made; I would invest everything in my possession, including my retirement savings, and use all of my engineering skills, to solve this problem for the benefit of everyone in this world. DoorBox was born.

I would strive to keep fulfilling this mission to protect people around the world suffering from anxiety or emotional pain of losing any important package again. There are packages that you will (not) receive that you just can’t reorder again or put a value to. I dream that one day, that DoorBox will make that a reality to people.