Founder's Experience of Porch Piracy of an Irreplaceable Package With Enormous Emotional Value

Kumar Sundaresan

Founder and CEO of DoorBox Corporation

Losing a loved one can be a pain like no other. And for me, losing my father was like losing a part of my life. We had a special bond and losing him to cancer was a heart-wrenching experience. But as time passed, I realized the intensity of that bond even more. And the closest memory I had of my father was seeing him wear his glasses and a Swiss wristwatch that adorned his wrist for over 40 years. He was very proud of his watch, and it was a symbol of his hard work, dedication and his exquisite fine taste.

So, when he passed away, I called my mom in India and asked whether she would mind sending me his last pair of eyeglasses and the watch. She sensed my emotions and gladly obliged. And when I got a delivery notification while I was at work, I was quite excited. I left a bit early to retrieve the package. But to my utter dismay, I did not find any package on my porch. My heart skipped a beat, and I began searching for it frantically. I wondered what had happened.

Then, in utter desperation, I decided to check my video footage. And what I saw shattered me to pieces. Soon after the package was delivered, a porch pirate approached, stole it, and walked away with my package, all in just a matter of minutes. For him, this package would have been absolutely worthless, and he would have probably thrown it into some bushes on his way home. But for me, that package meant the world. It was invaluable and irreplaceable, and losing it felt like losing my father once again.

That's when I realized that no amount of cameras can safeguard our prized memories. And I made a decision that would change my life forever. I decided to dedicate my life to solving this problem so that no one else will have to endure any such pain in their life. I created DoorBox Corporation with a mission to end the emotional pain associated with losing a package of high emotional value. And with every package delivered safely, I know that I am fulfilling my father's legacy.