DoorBox Sales 2020

units sold
  1. January:
    Shipped to Kickstarter (One time. 135 DoorBoxes, $25,637 Revenue. Not included to avoid skewing of this graph). 
    Began shipping website orders.

  2. February:
    Feb 25, 2020 - Began Amazon FBA this day. Just 5 days of orders in Amazon.

  3. March:
    Amazon sales Till March 15th. 
    March 15 - Covid hit. Amazon reprioritized shipment of their sanitizers, masks and other Covid massive demand of other products.

  4. April:
    Amazon changed 2 day delivery of DoorBox to 2+ weeks delivery. Impacted Sales.

  5. May:
    Amazon improved the delivery time slightly. 

  6. June:
    All Large DoorBoxes were sold out.  Medium DoorBoxes was only available.

  7. July & August:
    Only Medium DoorBoxes were available.  Everyone preferred only Large DoorBoxes.

  8. September – December:
    On September 25th, 2020, We received DoorBoxes from overseas and began shipping to Amazon.  Sales began improving again.